2017 Scranton Small Scales Houseparty

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow -- Small Scales Houseparty

Scranton, PA
September 21 - 24, 2017

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Scranton Houseparty -- Complete Information Packet

Updated April 27, 2017

1A Welcome
1B Committe List
2 Code of Ethics
3 Info & Terminology
4 Schedule
5A Pre-Convention Workshop Pictures
5B Registered Workshop Pictures
6 Pre-Convention Workshops
7 Pre-Convention Workshop Reg.
8 Registered Workshop List
9 Registered Workshop Registration
10 Theme Luncheons
11 Thursday Evening Workshop
12 Apron Fundraiser
13 Door Decorating Challenge
14 Trick or Treat
15 Advanced Table Seating
16 Door Prize
17 Exhibits
18 Gold Star
19A Hospitality
19B Charitable Giving
20 Host Hostess
21 Houseparty Helper
22 Mini Swap
23 Roundtables
24 Mega Roundtables
25 Silent Auction
26 Souvenir Book
27 Toolbox list
28 Totebag
29 Area Attractions
30 Hotel Info
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Registration Form (click to download)

Dealer Application
Workshop Application
Theme Luncheon Application

Workshop Availability

as of 08/18/2017       2017 Scranton, PA Houseparty List and break out    
Sep 1st TH1 Young Debbie 1/4" Gothic Display House $189.00 Full w/long waitlist
none TH2 Wingler Cat Under My Hat $174.00 Full w/short waitlist
Sept 10th TH3 Roberts JoAnn The Wicked Witch of Sleepy Hollow $229.00 1 Space available
July 1st TH4 Atcher Charlotte Home Sweet Coffin $159.00 Full w/short waitlist
???? TH5 Baillargeon Gayle 1/4" Witch Croft $75.00 Space available
none TH6 Queen & Lierman Georgia & Jean Bewitching Costume Shop $99.00 Space available
none TH7 Lauffer Marilyn 1/2" Weeping Cherry or White Birch Tree $84.00 Space available
none TH8 Brunelli Callie CC Matchbox-Pool Table Scene $54.00 Space available
none F1 Benson Karen Happy Fall Y'All $64.00 Space available
none F2 Manwell Sally Quarter Scale Kitchen Magic $84.00 Full w/ no waitlist
none F3 Icenogle Marti A Wizard's Bookcase $49.00 Space available
none F4 Norman Krisite Harvest Kitchen $55.00 Full w/long waitlist
none F5 Smith Janet Black Cat Playroom $44.00 Space available
none F6 Batcheller Jackie Midnight at the Mausoleum $64.00 Space available
none F7 Spiegel Rachelle Quarter Inch Scale Party Dress on a Mannequin $59.00 Space available
none S1 Queen & Lierman Georgia & Jean A Girl's Got to Accessortize $74.00 Space available
none S2 Wingler Cat Van Tassel Kitchen Hearth in a Cabinet $74.00 Space available
none S3 Stewart Ruth Spooky Cakes $59.00 Full w/no waitlist
none S4 Meyer Barbara Ann Pair of Peacocks-Be Proud $54.00 Space available
none S5 Andraka Judith 1/4" LED Hurricane Lamp $39.00 Space available
none S6 Pennypacker Ann Country Table and Chairs in Half Scale $39.00 Space available
none S7 McDaniel Cindy Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall $63.00 Space available
Thursday Evening Workshop            
        Sleepy Hollow - Out of the pages and into your imagination $60.00 Space available
Theme Luncheons            
none TLF1 Benson Karen Come Age with Me & Have a Swell Time $109.00 Full w/no waitlist
Aug 1st TLF2 Baillargeon Gayle Spooky Speacial Effects $94.00 1 Space Available
none TLF3 Wingler Cat The Witches Tea Part $74.00 Few Spaces Available

Pre-Convention Workshops (updated 4/5/17)



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Registered Workshops (updated 4/5/17)

Theme Luncheons

Hotel Info

Dealer List (updated 4/19/17)

Tote Bag Favors


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