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1st installment created by Robin Betterley Miniatures.
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Please be Advised

Some members have been receiving unsolicited emails purporting to be sent by NAME President, Rhonda Keef, asking for gift cards for charity. These emails are NOT from Rhonda, or the NAME Board of Trustees. They are a scam, which we are, unfortunately, powerless to prevent. Neither NAME's email servers, nor Rhonda's accounts have been hacked, the scammers are using false information in the "From" field of the emails--they are not coming from a email or anyones personal email account. Please delete them and do not follow their instructions.

If there is ever any question regarding the validity of correspondence  from NAME please contact us using This Form.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts to promote miniatures through education, collecting, and building friendships and skills through the sharing of experience and ideas.

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