Sacramento Houseparty, March 2017

Sacramento Registration Form
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Sacramento Houseparty 2017 -- Complete Information Packet

1 Welcome
2 Code of Ethics/Cancellation form
3 Houseparty Terminology
4 Schedule
5a Pre-Convention Workshop Picture Page
5b Registered Workshop picture pages
6 Pre Convention Workshop list
7 Pre Convention Workshop Registration
8 Registered List
9 Registered Workshop Registration
10 Theme Luncheons
11 Thursday Evening Workshop
12 Theme Dinner
13 Tour
14 Table Seating
15 Door Prizes
16 Exhibits
17 & 18 Gold Star Volunteers
19 Hospitality Room
20 Charity Info
21 Table Host/Hostess
22 Houseparty Helpers
23 Mini Swap
24 Roundtables
25 MEGA Roundtables
26 Souvenir Book
27 Toolbox List
28 Tote Bags
29 Area Attractions
30 Hotel Info/Directions
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2017 Sacramento Houseparty Activity Availability (click to expand)

as of 2/16/2017   2017 Sacramento Houseparty Activity Availability        
March 1st TH1 Atcher Charlotte Retro Stove $64.00 Space Available
none TH2 Engeseth Stephanie Castle Toy Box & Art Center with Bench $103.00 Space Available
none TH3 Hanson Luci Room for Crafts, Construction and Caddies $64.00 Full w/short waitlist
Feb 5th TH4 Kubrican Carol 1/4" Farm Stand $85.00 Full w/waitlist
none TH5 Reagan Connie A Room of Her Own $134.00 Space Available
none TH6 Smith Janet A Is for Apple $74.00 Cancelled
none TH7 Stewart Ruth Easter Egg House $95.00 Limited Space Available
none TH8 Swisher Sandra The ABCs of Miniature Crocheting $50.00 Limited Space Available
none TH9 Anderson Ginger Trunk Roombox with LED Lighting $85.00 Space Available
none F1 Benson Karen California Wine Tasting Room $89.00 Full w/waitlist
none F2 Laue Deb Dome Top Trunk $74.00 1 Space available
none F3 Stewart Ruth Rag Rugs $44.00 Full w/no waitlist
none F4 Reagan Connie Decals Aren't Just for Dishes $69.00 Space Available
none F5 Smith Janet Calorie Free Candies $39.00 Cancelled
none F6 Brehm-Nash Pat 1/4" Outdoor Hollyhocks $99.00 Space Available
March 1st FS1 Young Debbie My Miniature World $89.00 Full-No waitlist
none S1 Benson Karen Framed Seasonal Entry $89.00 1 Space available
none S2 Hanson Dick Room for Versatility $44.00 Space Available
none S3 Reagan Connie Moroccan Furniture $99.00 Space Available
March 1st S4 Packard Jeff Basic Mold Making and Casting $64.00 Full w/waitlist
none S5 Laue Deb Raggedy Ann Doll Trunk and Doll $74.00 Space Available
none S6 Goode Steve Angled Bookcase Corner Workshop $49.00 Full no waitlist
        Thursday Evening A-Z $61.00 Space Available
THEME DINNER            
        Theme Dinner $35.00 Space Available
Jan 23rd TLS1 Kummerow Lew The Antique Dolls' Houses and Miniature Structures $130.50 Space Available
none TLS2 Hanson Luci Powering Your Miniautres with LED $80.50 Space Available
none TLS3 Smith Janet ABC's of Small Scale Food $85.50 Cancelled
none TLS4 Stewart Ruth & Dan Capturing Your Miniatures Using Photography & 3D Scanning $114.50 Space Available


Pre-Convention Workshops

Registered Workshops

Dealer List (Updated, 2/3/17)

Hotel Info

2017 Sacramento Steering Committee
Committee Chair & Asst.Chair Email
Hosting Chairs Barbara Thornton-Hill
Carlene Brown
Centerpieces Vegie MacLean
Liz Driver
Charity  Jackie Rich
Door Prizes Ruth Heisch
Diane Piziali
Exhibit Room Lynn Hamel
LaVerne Munz
Goldstar Barbara Fairbanks
Glendon Davis
Hospitality Room  Melissa Holmes
Diane Walter            
Hosts/Hostesses Leslie Swager
Laurie Parker
Houseparty Helpers Open  
Operations Pat Frost
Jeff Packard
Public Day Open  
Publicity Will Thomas
Registration Bobbie Schmidt
Jennifer Rich
Roundtables Lisa Panken
Lisa Holm
Paula Holm
Sales Room Georgia Queen
Jean Lierman
Silent Auction Luci Hanson
Souvenir Book Laura Johnson
Trish Billard
Souvenirs Carlene Brown
Swaps JoAnn Jacot    
Theme Luncheons Thuy Means
Totebags Carol Carton
Pattie Hong   
Tour Denise Sanders
(Thursday nite)
Debbie Young
Workshops Leanne Kirsch               
Barbara Lundberg  

Additional Contacts for help:    
Convention Advisor Colleen Middleton
N2 Regional Coordinator Barbara Thornton-Hill

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