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And the winners are…... 

Ok, here are the winners for the 2017 Soapbox Derby for NAME: 

1. 226--Joanne Kelsall 
2. 160--Dawn Casey 
3. 50--Elaine Alexander 
4. 245--Kim Wood 
5. 164--Barbara Thornton Hill 
6. 155--Janet Smith 
7. 256--Jean Ellsworth 
8. 258--Shirley Strassburg 
9. 42--Elaine Levine 
10. 98--Rosemarie Grant 
11. 85--Michiana Miniature Guild 
12. 250--Cathy Kirk 
13. 21--Barb Anderson 
14. 121--Joann Haugen 
15. 141--Lori Lehman 
16. 97--Marlene Foster 
17. 61--Joann Jacot 

Tortoise and Hare Race Results

Here are the final standings:
Hare Winners
90 Cindy Mcdaniel: Raggedy Ann grouping
125 Barbara Larison: wicker sofa by Claire Downard and hat box vignette by d. Anne Ruff
184 Kim Wood: 2017 Alexandrea Convention Registration
162 Karen Hemesath: three 1" quilts by Sylvia Hansen
121 Judy Meyer: 1/2" grouping of artisan pottery (20 pieces)
131 Sharon Janssen: 1/4" tower of rooms donated by Luci Hanson
20 Kristen Piatak: 1/2" Bespaq Wardrobe donated by Kim Ash
171 Chris Ernst: Log roll and tea set

2015 Hallmark Contest Winners

2015 Hallmark Ornament Contest Winners


Gals, Gangsters & Gatsby

Region E-3 Small Scales Houseparty
September 16-18, 2016
Greenville, South Carolina

Hi everybody,

I've been researching Gatsby's car and man, what an education! (What else is there to do at 3:00 in the morning and you can't sleep!)  The deadline for dealer, workshop and theme luncheon application is January 15th so who can sleep with all the excitement going on!

Order your AIM Pins now!

You can download the AIM (Achievments in Miniatures) Pin order form below:

 Click Here to download the AIM Order Form

Coming soon…The Tortoise and the Hare

You are cordially invited to join in the second annual race to benefit NAME. Last year it was ducks. May of 2016 shall bring, drum roll please……..tortoises and hares!

Welcome Back NAME Estate Auctions

Hello! I'm Jennifer and I've been a member of NAME since 1997. I started out in the N2 region, but am happily settled in E3 these days. And… I'm your shiny new NAME Estate Manager and Online Auctioneer/Store Minder/Princess! (I made up some parts of this title.)

Philadelphia Miniaturia NAME Auction


Philadelphia Miniaturia 2015
Fine Miniature Artisans

Dear Friends,

First blog post for new website

Building out the new website and I need a blog post for layout and testing purposes. Lorom ipsum dolor... and all that.

Having trouble with the new website? Please click here to contact us about it.

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