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Welcome to NAME...

We are glad you came to visit. We do MINIATURES, as "in scale" versions of any and everything in real life.

2015 Indianapolis Public Day Hours:
Saturday, August 1st:
Sales Room open 2:30pm-5:30pm
and Exhibit Room open 2:00pm-4:30pm
Sunday August 2nd:
Sales Room open 12:00pm-4:00pm
and Exhibit Room open 11:00am-4:00pm
Indianapolis Marriott East (in Liberty Hall)
7202 East 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Cost: $7.00 for adults, $4 ages 6-12,
5 and under free.

Duck Race Winners!!!

Well, we are officially done with Ducks 2015. I think we all had a very good time, and hope you will join us again next year. I already have a plan in mind. Yep, there will be racing involved. For now, though, below are the final winners.

List of Winners:
96 Virginia Davis: Lucky ducky in watering can by Lori Ann

          Potts and Georgia Matushak
409 Kim Ash: ducky cake by Ruth Stewart​
33 Kim Wood: Seattle registration/lodging
118 Patty Johnson: Indy registration/lodging
95 Virginia Davis: 5 pieces half inch furniture
369 Denise Clark Voelker: grouping of small scale kits
102 Rosamond Dewart: Pete Aquisto silver pitcher
120 Grace Johnson: Pete Aquisto silver bowl
417 Terri Miller: Bespaq bench
142 Stan Boyd: Shannon Moore​ table
68 Chris Ernst: 50 Indy HPH tickets by Becky Lipscomb
20 Mary Myers: two Jane Graber pottery pieces given by Babette Overmen
7 Georgia Queen: subscription to "Dollhouse Miniatures"
419 Terri Miller: Bespaq furniture pieces donated by Babette
352 Marlene Foster: Complete set of Greenville souvenirs from
          Luci Hanson
157 Judith Walter: Doll and carriage from Sangus estate
75 Linda Backelant: Tool bag and tools from Lucille Hanson​
432 Judy Jazdzyk: 1/4" flower making kit from Karla Smith​
209 Mary Allen: Karen Benson​ workshop/kit from Indy
439 Sherri Hruby: "American Miniaturist" year subscription
340 Trish Billard: "Miniature Collector" year subscription

Thanks to all donors, duck purchasers, Ruth Stewart for making the gifts, and Babette Overman for coming up with the idea and doing most of the work. Start saving your pennies for 2016!

Interested in assisting NAME in its mission of promoting miniatures as a hobby? Here are a couple of ways you can help:

You can make a donation directly to NAME by clicking this button:

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The Smile program donates %0.5 percent of purchases made through the program to the non-profit of your choosing.
To use it, simply click the link above (log in to your Amazon account if you aren't already) and search for "National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, Carmel, IN" click "Select" on the first item in the resulting list. Then go on shopping at Amazon as you normally would, it is all automatic from there on.

Statement of Purpose:

The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) is a non-profit, educational organization whose purpose is to promote miniatures as a distinct art form, to provide education forums on their construction, historical significance and intrinsic value, to preserve unique collections in a miniature museum open to the public (located in Carmel, IN),  and  to maintain a mutually beneficial network of collectors, crafters, and artisans.

NAME is proud to be

Photos used with permission. Work by: Tom Walden, Williamson-Walton Marble, Donna Eckel, Lew & Barbara Kummerow, Alice Zinn, Pete Acquisto, Pete & Pam Boorum, Paulette Svec, Pete Acquisto, Nancy Wantiez, Carl Bronsdon.