Gals, Gangsters & Gatsby

Region E-3 Small Scales Houseparty
September 16-18, 2016
Greenville, South Carolina

Hi everybody,

I've been researching Gatsby's car and man, what an education! (What else is there to do at 3:00 in the morning and you can't sleep!)  The deadline for dealer, workshop and theme luncheon application is January 15th so who can sleep with all the excitement going on!

Did you know that The Great Gatsby was set in 1922 and that there have been 3 movies made about the book?  According to the book, Gatsby drove a Rolls Royce.  However, Fitzgerald doesn't specify which model. “On weekends, his Rolls-Royce became an omnibus, bearing parties to and from the city between nine in the morning and long past midnight …” 

The book also says:  “It was a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there in its monstrous length with triumphant hat-boxes and supper-boxes and tool-boxes, and terraced with a labyrinth of wind-shields that mirrored a dozen suns. The interior was “a sort of green leather conservatory.” 

 What I found really interesting is that DeCaprio drove a fake 1929 Duesenberg Model J, made in Wisconsin in 1983 for the 2013 movie.  Robert Redford used a real 1928 Rolls Royce Phantom. (At least his was a real Rolls!)  The car sold at Bonhams auction in 2009 for $236,000.00.  It would have sold for more but the studio changed the original color for the movie and dyed the leather seats green to match the book description. The 1949 version wasn't any more accurate as Alan Ladd drove a 1933 Duesenberg. Remember, the book was set in 1922.  How can one drive a car that hasn’t even been made yet?  Only in the movies I guess.  All three cars were built AFTER the 1922 time period!  None of the movies got it right!!!

 Most online aficionados speculate that the character would have probably driven a 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, their top of the line and most expensive car of the period.  The Duesenberg was more expensive than anything in the Rolls-Royce line, but the book specifically refers to a Rolls-Royce.

All that said, I found a 1906 Matchbox Rolls Royce Silver Ghost to accompany my Gal and Gangster made by my dear friend Cat Wingler.  Unfortunately, I could not find a 1920s Rolls Royce in miniature anywhere so I'm going with 1906. I did find one from 1912 but it looks more like a jeep and isn't a coupe.  Hey, at least, my model was manufactured while Gatsby was alive!!!

 I'm so excited and just had to share the photo with you!  Don’t forget, REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 20th!


Rhonda Keef
Gals, Gangsters & Gatsby

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