Welcome Back NAME Estate Auctions

Hello! I'm Jennifer and I've been a member of NAME since 1997. I started out in the N2 region, but am happily settled in E3 these days. And… I'm your shiny new NAME Estate Manager and Online Auctioneer/Store Minder/Princess! (I made up some parts of this title.)

Well, actually, I just hope to be doing all that implies someday. Much of this is still just ideas and good intentions. NAME has gifted me so much over the years; I really want to make this program successful for us. Today, I'm definitely a newbie fresh on the job, and I have to admit that it is pretty hectic behind the scenes here. I'm very excited to work on the Estate program, but what I don’t know about it could fill an email box… and I’m sure it will! If you have an Estate question, tip, concern, or (most likely) extravagant compliment, please email me at estates@miniatures.org.  Thanks so much to everyone who has already stepped up to help me. There's plenty of work ahead, but I am excited by the challenges. As long as everyone keeps taking my panicky phone calls, please.

So, what am I doing? Well, I’ve been receiving and inventorying many generous donations. As fun as organizing miniatures is, they weren’t actually donated to me, right? So, my next priority is the Estate Auctions. It is so important to honor our donations. Let's get them back into the hands of adoring mini enthusiasts!


And So, with Much Fanfare:


*****Welcome  Back  NAME  Estate  Auctions!!!*****

Now Featuring: NAME Auctions on eBay



We cordially invite you (and everyone that you are willing to tell!)

to the NAME Estate Auctions Grand Opening,

beginning at 2 pm EST

on Saturday, October 17, 2015

at NAME-Estates on eBay

Auctions will be coming online throughout the day!



We've got some Halloween items, finished and unfinished furniture, dolls, accessories, kits, a stunning 1/24 scale dressed canopy bed, vintage samples, and so much more!

Watch NAME-Estates on eBay and don’t forget to add us to your Favorite Sellers list!

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