Bargain Hunt: Dollhouse Edition in Charleston!!!

Hey Y'all! 

I'm Jennifer and I will be your neighbor at the national Southern Charm & Sweet Tea convention this coming August.

I just wanted to let y'all know that we have been sorting thru heaps of minis to sell at the Garage Sale. Be sure to stop by and browse thru the treasures. So many terrific deals are waiting for you!

I am real pleased to announce that we will also be hosting our "Bargain Hunt: Dollhouse Edition" at the Charleston convention!

Drop on by and place a bid (or 3!) on our dollhouses for sale. We have various sizes and scales.

I will try to preview all of the houses here before the convention...

Today's Tour of Mini Homes for Sale includes:

A classic 1/12-scale Farmhouse with 3 stories, including the finished attic. 

It was really well put together and finished. It includes plexiglass siding on the back side... They let in tons of natural light!

The house is wired for electricity and includes a transformer.

It has been carefully painted and decorated in Christmas colors, but could easily be redone in many styles. 

It is nearly move-in ready, but does have a broken piece of (included) trim and several broken fancy cedar shingles on the roof.

Plenty of room for your mini ideas: The Farmhouse measures about 27" wide, 15" deep and 30" high. 

Farmhouse  Farmhouse Interior


It's all about the porch on this gorgeous 1/12-scale slice of a 3-story Victorian

The porch is an amazing wrap-around with lots of room to set a spell. The white trim and oak porch and lattice are a perfect canvas for your ideas!

The house has 2 floors under a peaked attic space. The narrow interior of the house can be seen thru the 5 windows and the working front door.

This Victorian is a bit of a fixer upper: There are some broken trim pieces, shingles and lattice, as well as an uninstalled front door (included). You just need a bit of glue and some scraps to set it right! The good news is that the interior is sturdy and completely unfinished. It's just waiting for your ideas!

The Victorian house and porch measure about 27" wide, 12" deep and 29" high.

Victorian Porch  Victorian Porch Interior 


Downsizing to a smaller scale? You'll want our charming 1/24-scale Brick Cottage.

The narrow front has a darling porch a double window and a working front door. The back has a back balcony over a back porch! They are just perfect for catching a breeze in the mini evenings.

The interior of the cottage includes 2 main floor rooms under 2 attic rooms.

The house is sturdy and beautifully papered, but there is 1 broken back porch post (included) and water damage to the floors and walls inside the main floor.

The 1/24-scale Brick Cottage measures about 17" long, 8" wide and 12" high.

 Brick Cottage  Brick Cottage Interior


Many more to come... Be sure to visit again and check out more listings!

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