And the winners are…... 

Ok, here are the winners for the 2017 Soapbox Derby for NAME: 

1. 226--Joanne Kelsall 
2. 160--Dawn Casey 
3. 50--Elaine Alexander 
4. 245--Kim Wood 
5. 164--Barbara Thornton Hill 
6. 155--Janet Smith 
7. 256--Jean Ellsworth 
8. 258--Shirley Strassburg 
9. 42--Elaine Levine 
10. 98--Rosemarie Grant 
11. 85--Michiana Miniature Guild 
12. 250--Cathy Kirk 
13. 21--Barb Anderson 
14. 121--Joann Haugen 
15. 141--Lori Lehman 
16. 97--Marlene Foster 
17. 61--Joann Jacot 
18. 194--Ramsey Alexander 
19. 25--Kay Felde 
20. 124--Valerie A. Giles 
21. 232--Bonnie Fender 
22. 90--Michiana Miniature Guild 
23. 185--Amy Rauch 
24. 247--Kim Wood 
25. 68--Barbara Larison 
262/Last. 58--Kathy Strobos 

Remember there 26 prizes total, with the final prize going to the racer who ended dead last, in place 262. That winner/loser is number 58, Kathy Strobos. Kathy is a WINNER in my book!! 

You are all winners, as we all helped generate $6550 in funds for NAME, our passion that we all love and enjoy so deeply. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will start calling people tomorrow, passing out prizes. This is my favorite part. The screen shot of the numbers will wind up in the pictures on this yahoo site, plus on the NAME FB page, but someone wiser that me will put it there tomorrow. 

Kim Wood, Derby Diva 

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