Welcome baaaak….

Well I did the NAME thing again....I volunteered to help NAME.   Not that I am alone in the volunteer category.  99.9% of what happens at NAME is done by volunteers.  WHAT A GROUP!!!!  

No one on the Board of Trustees is paid for anything but the expenses they incure on behalf of NAME

Our website adn Yahoo group volunteers don't get a penny for their hours of work on behalf of NAME. 

The Regional Coordinators, State Reps and regional website editors don't get a dime for their efforts...

NOPE....they are all volunteers doing a job on behalf of our members and because they LOVE NAME  and want to see it continue forever. 

Now its time for YOU to volunteer.   There are a lots of ways you can help NAME continue.  

  • We need volunteers to coordinate their regions - either as a state representative or regional coordinator
  • We need volunteers to create How-To articles for the Gazette.
  • We need clubs to send pictures and stories fo their activities in their communities to the Gazette.
  • We need more State Days
  • Our Board needs more input from our members.  
  • We need your response to the recent letter sent to each member from our President. 

Don't wait for a personal invitation to help out.  Pick up the phone and call the President or any Board member (the info is in the front section of the Gazette) and say, "How can I be of help?"    Or you can respond to this post and I will be happy to direct you to the right person.

NAME is an extended family of friends brought together by a common bond...dollhouse miniatures.  Lets keep it going!!!




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