Tortoise and Hare Race Results

Here are the final standings:
Hare Winners
90 Cindy Mcdaniel: Raggedy Ann grouping
125 Barbara Larison: wicker sofa by Claire Downard and hat box vignette by d. Anne Ruff
184 Kim Wood: 2017 Alexandrea Convention Registration
162 Karen Hemesath: three 1" quilts by Sylvia Hansen
121 Judy Meyer: 1/2" grouping of artisan pottery (20 pieces)
131 Sharon Janssen: 1/4" tower of rooms donated by Luci Hanson
20 Kristen Piatak: 1/2" Bespaq Wardrobe donated by Kim Ash
171 Chris Ernst: Log roll and tea set
108 Valerie Giles: Queer of hearts box and doll
11 Betty Claus: Karen Benson's kit
145 Janet Phillips: "Will You Marry Me" 1/4" scene
173 Roberta Allen: 3 year NAME membership
8 Barbara Meade: Nancy Summers chairs, table, mirror
71 Doug Beardsley: trunk and two trunk kits
85 Pat Booton: Hare Haven
60 Joann Haugen: Chandelier and New Orleans drum
159 Helen Sparks: Large tea/dessert set by Reutter
172 Roberta Allen: Souvenir bonanza
Last place/slowest hare:
1 Kim Hoffman: 17 piece set of luggage

Tortoise Winners
39 Barb Dugan: Robin Betterley Puppet theater and Susan Karatjas 144" Name house souvenirs
166 Kim Wood: Greenville house party registration
25 Kristen Piatak: Shannon Moore Lady's desk
132 Judy Meyer: Sacramento houseparty registration
158 Dolores Kearton: 4th of July 1/4" scene
139 Sharon Janssen: 1/4" camper
61 Leslie Swager: 1/2" artisan pottery, 21 pieces
30 Kay Felde: Mad Hatter set
16 Vicki Skidmore: child's bedroom kit set, Angel doll
177 Darlene Johnston: Chicken coop and chickens
98 Jan Feldhouse: Ruth Stewart's tortoise and hare cake
48 Christine Dowling: 1" artisan pottery, 19 pieces
123 Diana Fisher: two iris groupings
142 Carol Pittman: Coke furniture
14 Georgia Queen: tea set and log roll on platter
185 Lela June Jones: 1/2" furniture
Last place/fastest tortoise:
159 Barb Striethorst: dessert shop

Thanks to Ruth Stewart for working through all these little critters. All remaining tortoises and hares have been packaged and will be in the mail on Saturday.

This is complete. Hope you enjoyed it, and thank you SOOOO much for supporting NAME!!

Kim Wood
NAME Board

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