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Hallmark Contest

The holidays are almost here.   Our members will soon be getting out the ornaments for their trees.  

And just as quick as Christmas is here and gone it will be time to put away the ornaments....STOP!!

DON'T PUT THEM AWAY ...until you have picked one or two to use as your Hallmark Ornament Contest Entry.

The entry form and rules will be in the March/April issue of the Gazette.  

Or, if you want it beforehand just email me. 

Luci Hanson- NAME Volunteer

Welcome baaaak….

Well I did the NAME thing again....I volunteered to help NAME.   Not that I am alone in the volunteer category.  99.9% of what happens at NAME is done by volunteers.  WHAT A GROUP!!!!  

No one on the Board of Trustees is paid for anything but the expenses they incure on behalf of NAME

Our website adn Yahoo group volunteers don't get a penny for their hours of work on behalf of NAME. 

The Regional Coordinators, State Reps and regional website editors don't get a dime for their efforts...

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