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     NAME is hosting a MINIATURE EVENT the week of what would have been our convention, beginning Sunday, July 19th.  Several workshop instructors,  who were scheduled to teach in Indy have offered to teach their workshops as an online class.  Those who were signed up for the class in Indy were contacted first, followed by wait-listed students about signing up for the class online.  Any remaining spaces are being sold online on a first come/first serve basis.  We will be offering a few Theme Luncheons and Roundtable Workshops as well during this event.  We understand that this is not the same as being in a live workshop but does provide us with one more way to getting together safely for mini fun.  Thank you to our participating instructors.

     As miniature events are being cancelled throughout the country for the remainder of the year, we are developing online opportunities for our members to gather and work on miniatures.  We are planning a garage sale for the fall so please start gathering up your garage sale items (preferably not too large and heavy to ship) for this special event.  Plans are in the works for more roundtable events and workshops for later in the year along with special auctions and demonstrations so please check the NAME website frequently so you don't miss out on an opportunity to share your love of miniatures.


Rhonda Keef

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