2023 Cape Cod, MA National Convention

NAME National 2023 will be held in
Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA

Date: August 17-20, 2023

General registration opens January 20, 2023.
Registration form will be in Nov/ Dec Issue of the Gazette.

Workshop, Dealers and Theme Luncheon Presenters:

Calling all Dealers and Instructors!   The 2023 National Convention in Cape Cod, MA is accepting applications for Dealers and Instructors. 
The application deadline has been extended to Tuesday, November 8th.    All applications are available under the application tab below.   

NAME is going Green! Please email the application, and pictures to kim@miniatures.org
There is no fee to apply electronically. Your application and picture page will be uploaded to a secure cloud location for the selection committee to review. 
 If you choose to mail your application and pictures, you will need to include a $5 processing fee. (See the application form for further details.) 
 If sent by mail, your application and picture page will be scanned and uploaded to the cloud for the selection committee to review.  

Apps are available below under the Apps TAB 


Kim Carlson, Hosting Chair  -  capecodcarlson67@gmail.com

Joanne Kelsall Asst. Chair -  tljak44@hotmail.com

Message from Kim & Joanne

Why the Venue Change?


A lot of changes happened during COVID…. Portland was rescheduled twice, then canceled. Indianapolis was canceled. We were able to re-negotiate a contract with the same hotel in Indianapolis for the 2022 event.

Providence 2021 was put on hold. We were unable to re-negotiate a contract with the hotel in Providence that met our needs for a convention in 2023. Luckily, we were able to get a very good offer from the Cape Cod Hyannis Resort/Conference Center. The Steering Committee from Providence will remain the same, Kim Carlson is the Hosting Chair, and JoAnne Kelsall is her Assistant. There may be a few changes to the committee as people’s life situations may have changed. The Steering Committee is super excited to host this event at the Cape Cod Hyannis Resort/Conference Center. The area has so much to offer, and fits their “From Sea to Shining Sea” theme perfectly. The Conference Center is about 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and about 5 miles to the beaches on Cape Cod Bay

The Steering Committee is planning a wonderful Convention, souvenirs are already purchased, Committee gifts and tote bags are prepared. Looking forward to seeing everyone in  Cape Cod, MA.

Leanne Kirsch

NAME HP/Convention Liaison

Apps for Workshops, Dealers, Theme Luncheons

These forms are in fillable PDF format. If you have Adobe Reader (built-into some browers), you can type on the form. If you'd like to save these in a pdf format to send electronically, find the adobe print on your printer selection. You will be asked for a file name first and then click to save.

All three of these have an extended deadline of Nov. 8, 2022 (please ignore the Oct 31st deadline listed on the forms.)

Workshop Application Form - click here (Workshop Chairman:  Ann Pennypacker aminithing@gmail.com  )

Dealer Application Form - click here Sales Room Chairman’s:  Pete Boorum smallife@myfairpoint.net  )

Theme Luncheon Application Form - click here Theme Luncheon Chairman: Kim Wood GWood14@att.net )


Committee Members

coming soon!





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