2022 Portland, OR - All Scales Houseparty

Come Fly With Me
May 6-8, 2022

(formerly April 3-5, 2020)

New hotel booking link for 2022 will be posted as soon as the hotel makes it available. 

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Come Fly With Me 

Portland Houseparty Announcement

For Possible Ticket Holders

After much discussion and deliberation the NAME Board has decided to postpone our much anticipated Houseparty one more year. It is clear to us that our country needs time to heal and to get past this pandemic. It has been a long hard haul but we are confident that our new dates will give everyone the buffer they will need to get well, get vaccinated and get excited all over again about flying with NAME Air.

Our new dates will be May 6-8, 2022, with Pre & In-Flight Instruction (classes) on May 5th. Let me explain our travel planner for the next year as we know a lot of the side trips you had planned could change. 

We are asking everyone to stay registered to hold their seat. If you do not cancel, nothing except the dates will change for you for the moment. If you do decide to cancel your tickets you will receive a full refund and not be charged a cancelation fee. 

If you are not flying with NAME Air at this time and would like to get in-line to purchase a ticket (Submit your registration as soon as possible and you will be put on a wait list and notified as soon as a seat becomes available.), please fill out the Registration Form at miniatures.org to hold your spot on our wait list. 

Over the next few weeks our flight attendants will be contacting our Pre & In-Flight Instruction specialist (teachers & Theme Luncheons) to see if they will stay with the same scheduled instruction. If they will, your spot will be held in these events (classes & Theme Luncheons). If our specialists would like to submit new instruction courses we will contact you and give you a full refund for your course. We will be gathering a bunch of information for new Pre & In-Flight Instruction Courses and everyone will have equal time to get signed up for them sometime around December, 2021. 

We ask that if possible you do not call the Help Line (NAME office) with questions about our Instruction Courses as our Help Line will not have the updated information for a couple months. We will contact you by the end of February if your Instruction Course has been cancelled. We just ask for patience as we work through this new schedule and get it finalized. 

Our Flight Crew is so excited to be able to still bring you this vacation as a live event and we will send out Travel Planner updates as we have new information about your trip. I know those packed bags are burning a hole in your bedroom floor, but as long as we are all safe in the end and still get to vacation together, as Pilot I couldn’t ask for a better outcome. I said I’d get you all safely to your final destination and that’s what I intend to do. 

So from our Portland Flight Crew we say, “Stay home, stay safe and thank you for Come Flying With Me.”


Ruth Stewart


Updated Code of Ethics and Cancellation Form

Flight Crew (Committee List)

Chair Ruth Stewart ruth@stewartdollhousecreations.com
Assistant-Chair Debbie Young yngathrt@gv.net
Advisor Jane Payne paynejb@hotmail.com
Operations Dan Stewart dan@stewartdollhousecreations.com
Assistant-Chair Jeff Packard yngathrt@gv.net
Sales Room Chair Georgia Queen georgiaq@aol.com
Assistant-Chair Jean Lierman tojean@frontier.com
Centerpieces Chair Robin Betterley robin@robinbetterley.com
Assistant-Chair Shawn Betterley shawn@robinbetterley.com
Souvenirs Chair    
Door Prizes Chair Rosie Shipman minirose@nwi.net
Swaps Chair Marcia Hudspeth HnMHuds@aol.com
Assistant-Chair Mary Johnson ejmary@charter.net
Roundtables Chair Sherri Martin sherrimartin4@comcast.net
Assistant-Chair Angelika Oeckl aoeckl@yahoo.com
Exhibits Chair Marla Nulph mjn_453@comcast.net
Exhibits Assistant-Chair Fay Liner fayliner@msn.com
Registration Chair Barbara Thornton-Hill bathca@gmail.com
Assistant-Chair Laurie Parker parkrsclas@aol.com
Workshops Chair Barbara Lundberg barbara.lundberg@comcast.net
Assistant-Chair Jean Bevens littledoc25@comcast.net
Houseparty Helpers Chair    
Publicity Chair Sarah Westenberg sawestenberg@msn.com
Hospitality Chair Kristen Itokazu Kazuclan@att.net
Assistant-Chair Lynn Mariano marianofam4@yahoo.com
Table Host/Hostess Chair Pat Perry paperry@shaw.ca
Assistant-Chair Doreen Lindsay dflindsay@shaw.ca
Tote Bags Chair Pamela Teal pcteal@yahoo.com
Thursday Night Project Chair Carlene Brown petecar55@yahoo.com
Theme Luncheons Chair Leanne Kirsch lkirsch@drtel.net
Gold Star Volunteers Joanne Forsstrom jsforsstrom@gmail.com
Auction Chair Rhonda Keef minicollector@yahoo.com
Souvenir Book Jean Lierman tojean@frontier.com

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